Section 1363.005 - Disclosure Document Index

The association shall, at the request of any member, distribute to the member, in the manner described in Section 1350.7, the following Disclosure Documents Index:

Disclosure Documents Index
Item Description Reference Code
1 Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary (form) Civil Code 1365.2.5
2 Pro Forma Operating Budget or Pro Forma Operating Budget Summary Civil Code Sec. 1365(a)
3 Assessment Collection Policy Civil Code Sec. 1365(e) and 1367.1(a)
4 Notice/Assessments and Foreclosure (form) Civil Code Sec. 1365.1
5 Insurance Coverage Summary Civil Code Sec. 1365(f)
6 Board Minutes Access Civil Code Sec. 1363.05(e)
7 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Rights (summary) Civil Code Sec. 1369.590
8 Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Rights (summary) Civil Code Sec. 1363.850
9 Architectural Changes Notice Civil Code Sec.1378(c)
10 Secondary Address Notification Request Civil Code Sec. 1367.1(k)
11 Monetary Penalties Schedule Civil Code Sec. 1363(g)
12 Reserve Funding Plan (summary) Civil Code Sec. 1365(b)
13 Review of Financial Statement Civil Code Sec. 1365(c)
14 Annual Update of Reserve Study Civil Code Sec. 1365(a)